Roofing Services

Roofing Services You Can Trust

Roofing services at Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration integrate state of the art materials with your needs to produce a result worth every penny. Our hired crew and project managers are highly qualified and have years of experience in their fields.

We are licensed and insured, which means our work is not just a substandard imitation of what you need. Over the years, we have changed the materials and techniques we use to provide services to you. This upgrade is in line with recent advances in technology, which helps us keep your roof top-notch. Our 95% referral rate guarantees the best you can get.

We source our roofing, fiberglass composites, insulation, and other related products from Owens Corning - the leading manufacturer of fiberglass composites in the world. Another source of our roofing materials is GAF Materials Corporation, the leading manufacturer of roofing materials in North America.

Pinnacle Home Repair for All Your Repair Solutions

You get that incredible feeling of independence and achievement when you do a home repair activity yourself, and everything turns out just right. This may be true for minor repairs such as unclogging the drainage, which can be done by watching DIY videos.

Significant repairs require the attention of a professional; otherwise, you risk the after-effects of faulty repair work. Minor repairs come off as cheap but can cumulatively take a big chunk out of your income. You could also end up wasting valuable time and materials repeatedly performing repairs that tend to give way in a snap. Save yourself of all these issues by visiting Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration.

Our home repair services are efficient, affordable, and satisfactory. They include repainting, new roof installation, and current roof reinstation. And don't fret if the cost seems too much. We offer financial help through insurance and rebates so you can have a trouble-free home-fixing experience.