Roofing Restoration

Have a Battered-looking Roof? Get the Best Roofing Restoration

Your roof offers protection and safety from various weather elements. There is also an excellent aesthetic appeal that comes with restoration. Roofing restoration is different from roof replacement in that the latter requires an entirely new roof while the former involves upgrading your current roof. Repair is, therefore, more cost-friendly compared to full replacement.

How do you know if your roof requires restoration? Well, most roofs give service for about two decades before they become badly in need of upgrades. At around the 15th year of your roof, you may notice signs of corrosion, sagging, and mold, or maybe the tiles may be cracked or broken. These are the signs that you need to call us.

Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration is committed to excellence in all we do. We are a leading company in the roofing industry with experienced contractors who deliver boast-worthy services. Our reviews tell of happy and satisfied clients. Contact us today and let us give your roof a modern rehabilitation you won’t regret.

The Ultimate Roof Restoration Experience

Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration is keen when it comes to the best service provision. We uphold roof restoration values and guarantee a long-lasting contractor-client relationship. It is true what they say: making a loyal customer is better than making a sale.

To begin roof restoration, we first carry out a thorough inspection to inform our action plans and decisions. Due to natural calamities such as hale, typhoon, or storm, clients who come for roof repair receive free estimates and inspection. After that, the work's more significant chunk begins where we carry out ridge capping and protective coating applications. Here are the categories for specific activities:

  1. Flooring

  2. Painting

  3. Drywall

  4. Siding


Restoration typically adds about a decade of life to your roof. However, this is dependent on many factors. But the truth is, repairing does not last as long as getting a brand-new roof. It is nevertheless more cost-effective and a better investment in the long run than making minor repairs.

Benefits of roof restoration:

  1. It offers a significant increase in roof longevity.

  2. It saves on the hustle of the future of fixing future damages.

  3. It increases your home’s energy efficiency.

  4. It promotes Going Green.

  5. It produces a noteworthy increase in your home’s market value.