Flooring Repairs

Exquisite Flooring Repairs With Pinnacle

Floors wear out over time or get damaged by pets, children, and moisture. Water damage occurs when there is leakage from the roof, water pipes, water heating systems, skylights, or condensation. Your floor can also sustain tears, breaks, or cracks during moving and placing items like heavy electronic equipment.

Polish your floor with Pinnacle flooring repairs services for a smooth, even look. We treat the floor you walk on with utmost care and professionalism. Our floor repair professionals are skilled in repairing different types of floors, including:

  1. Hardwood floors

  2. Vinyl or linoleum flooring

  3. Natural stone flooring

  4. Laminate flooring

  5. Ceramic tile flooring, among others


Our handymen also perform grout cleaning, tear-outs, and installation.

Floor life expectancy will vary according to the type of floors you choose and the frequency of your maintenance activities. Consult our experts to know what flooring materials are best for you, considering factors such as durability, aesthetic appeal, your needs, and those of your kids or pets.

How to Get Pinnacle Home Contractors

Finances can be challenging when hiring home contractors. An expert's services will cost more than those of an amateur, but the expert will offer better quality. There is a way out of the money hustle with Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration.

Let’s take a look at the options:

Insurance Claim Specialist

Claiming your insurance can be a nerve-racking and frustrating process, especially if you have no experience filling out such papers. Pinnacle offers experts in filling out insurance claims. You don't have to go through the pressure anymore. We guarantee a simplified process that will take no more than three weeks.

Financing and Military Rebate

Our company is Veteran owned, which is why we feel the need to give a hand to those that serve our country. We provide a $250 credit off the cost of roofing projects for veterans. Renovate America also provides additional project financing. The company also supports the Veteran's home improvements by liaising with us to find the appropriate contractors for a particular job.