Drywall Services

Keep Your Walls in Top-Notch State With Our Drywall Services

Holes in your wall can be an ugly thing. You may have thrown a dart the wrong way into your wall, or maybe the kids unknowingly knocked in a part of the wall. Whichever your case, let Pinnacle handymen take care of the repairs; it will be like the hole didn't even exist.

Our drywall services comprise installation, repair, and finishing services. Installation services include:

  1. Gypsum, green board, stucco, and sheetrock installation

  2. Drywall hanging

  3. Mudding and taping


We repair the following:

  1. Drywall anchor holes

  2. Dart holes

  3. Child damage

  4. Wear and tear

  5. Moisture damage

  6. Door Knob holes

  7. Damage (like cracks) caused by moving items around


Lastly, our finishing services comprise panting and other final touches. We recommend drywall due to its high insulation properties. Its thermal capabilities are much better than those of plaster walls, which tend to lose heat faster. Drywalls will therefore come in handy, especially during a cold draft season or in winter.

Decorate Your House With Pinnacle Home Painting Services

Pinnacle offers a wide range of painting solutions for your residential building. We have painters who have been at the job for quite a while. Our work saves you of troubles such as peeling paints, inferior color blends, and paint splashes to the furniture.

One thing you should know about painting is that it is a skilled artwork. Professional painting requires painters who treat their work as the painting of a fancy piece of artwork. They should also have good judgment when it comes to choosing colors and blending hues. Some colors contrast with your furniture and house decoration beautifully, and others match wonderfully.

If you feel undecided about your color options, consult our painters, and let's help you make a choice. If you feel the need to change your preferences in the middle of paintwork, let us know. Minor changes attract less cost compared to more significant changes like black to white.

Whether you need to repaint a peeling wall or change your walls' color, our home painting services are here to serve you.