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Metal roofing is a very popular commercial roof type because there are so many different kinds of metal materials available for use in such a roofing system



Shingles are not only one of the most common styles of roofing, but is also a cost effective and durable way. Learn more above!

Why have a roof maintenance & repair plan?

As with any expensive item like a car, regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof and keep it in top shape to avoid costly repairs. Regular inspections included with a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan can prevent major roofing membrane issues down the road.


Increased Longevity

Periodic roof inspections can nip problems in the bud and prevent damage to existing roof systems that could lead to replacement. This can help you catch improper drainage or undetected leaks early which could eventually cause rot, mold and corrosion in your building.


Prevent Costly Repairs

Even the smallest leak can easily turn into a major repair if left unattended. Routine roof inspections can uncover weak areas around pipes, exhaust fans, and HVAC systems, which are all common problem areas.


Energy Efficiency

Sometimes roofing solutions include coatings that protect the roofing membrane from violet light and heat. These can deteriorate over time and regular inspections can ensure that you detect issues early so the coating can be reapplied.



What’s included in the roof maintenance & repair plan?

We’re happy to customize a maintenance and repair plan to fit your unique needs and specifications. Here are few essential items we cover in our standard plans.


Preventative Inspections

You can never be too prepared. That’s why we recommend inspections during the spring and fall. Inspecting your roof during transitional seasons can help us spot damage caused by winter wear or summer storms. We’ll also conduct inspections immediately following major storms, on demand.


Roof Cleaning

Routine roof cleaning can extend the life of your roof. We recommend cleaning gutters every six to 12 months and flushing them to be sure they’re draining clearly. Our TruShield Roofing professionals will clear downspouts, debris, and more to help prevent leaks and water damage inside your building.


Leak Repair

When you spot a leak, there’s no time to waste. Our team of professionals respond promptly to repair leaks, addressing flashing, caulked areas, and cracks that could lead to further water damage. Replacing flashing or applying fresh sealant can prevent more costly repairs.


Tenant Fit-Outs

If you’re a tenant, or rent your property to tenants, we can help you make the necessary upgrades to your roofing system. We’ll work closely with you to find the right fit-out, an accurate quote, and all of the maintenance and repair that’s needed.

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